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Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

Lots of business owners reach the point in their business, when they simply do not have time to concentrate on the bookkeeping. At the point it starts becoming stressful the solution is to hire an outsourced bookkeeper.

Outsourced bookkeepers are a great bridge between the business owner being too busy and needing a part or full time finance member of staff. You can engage a bookkeeper to literally do an hour a month or quite a few hours each week. You may not want the hassle of employing someone to go on PAYE or have the space to have someone turn up at your premises to work. A good outsourced bookkeeper will normally be licenced, this shows that they have reached a certain level of training, though lots of good bookkeepers may not have gone down the qualification route and have years of experience instead, experience is actually key and if you have someone with both even better.

When choosing a bookkeeper, you will want to make sure you are both a good fit as you will spend time communicating, so you don't want to work with someone you can't stand and it's also important to ask about their experience. Experienced bookkeepers will be able to pick up errors that have been previously made and run your books efficiently.

A good bookkeeper can save money at year end on accountants fees, they can make sure the bank is correctly reconciled, the payroll journals have gone in as well as interest on loans posted. This is just a small example of what a bookkeeper can do to make the year end go smoothly.

You don't even have to live near to your bookkeeper, Xero comes with Hubdoc for free and it's a great way to get invoices uploaded for your bookkeeper to process. That means you can literally choose a bookkeeper from anywhere. There are pros of going with one in your location though, as there may be times when you want to see them in person and zoom simply won't do!

If the thought of bookkeeping terrifies you or you simply don't have the time or inclination to do it yourself, have a good think about outsourcing to a remote bookkeeper. If you have any questions that aren't covered on our website please email us or call on: 01209 702920. Tidal Bookkeeping provides outsourced bookkeeping to SME's all over Cornwall.


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