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Charity & CIC bookkeeping


We offer bookkeeping services for charities and CIC's in and around Cornwall. Not local to us? We can work virtually.


Are you a charity or CIC looking for an outsourced bookkeeping service? Tidal Bookkeeping works with several charities and CIC's offering regular bookkeeping on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to make sure the financial transactions are correctly recorded and the bookkeeping is up to date.

With charities and CIC's it is really important to make sure restricted and unrestricted funds are dealt with properly as well as releasing income at the correct time in your bookkeeping software. 

A good bookkeeper can actually save you money, on your year end fees. We have had several clients come to us as the books aren't ready for year end and the accountant has asked for more work to be done before they work on the accounts. A bookkeeper will traditionally be cheaper then an accountant to sort the issues out.

So what do we need from you? Every month we will need bank statements, yes there may be an automatic feed, but quite often transactions can get dropped or even duplicated. A manual check is really important. We will also need to know if money in, is part of a restricted fund and also if any purchases, are part of that restricted fund too. We recommend using Hubdoc or Dext to upload purchase invoices. This can make the bookkeeping pretty much all cloud based and remote. 

Whether you are local to us in Redruth, Pool, Camborne, Truro or Falmouth or further afield, even nationwide and need help with your bookkeeping we can help.

If you would like to discuss your bookkeeping needs please call on: 01209 702920 or drop us an email.

A service you can rely on....

Outsourced bookkeeping

Office: 10 Graham Road, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 2HG

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