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Bookkeeper Redruth

Redruth seems to be undergoing a transformation at the moment, money is being invested into the town and there seems to be hope that the town will be shaped into something different and innovative.

Whilst lots of town centres are dying, Redruth seems to be a town that is slowly having life breathed back into it.

I have lived in Redruth for around 18 years now and it's lovely to see and feel a buzz around the town, it's much needed and with that buzz comes opportunities.

If you are a new business seizing the opportunity or an older business that is becoming too busy to do your own bookkeeping, outsourcing to a bookkeeper is a great way to bridge the gap between, not being able to do the bookkeeping yourself and the stage where you need a full time finance member of staff. I also help clients who are unsure how to manage their bookkeeping and are worried about getting it wrong.

Quite often I have to sort out errors such as people posting sales as an expense - more common then you would think. If you are not experienced with bookkeeping, it can be a minefield that is very easy to get wrong. Which in turn can end up being costly at year end.

From a couple of hours a month to a few hours a week, I can help keep your books in order. If you are interested to find out about my bookkeeping service

please call: 01209 702920 or use the contact form here.


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