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The importance of time out

We've all done it, late nights working, juggling home and work life. It can feel that life is teetering out of balance and it can be overwhelming. There's always so much to do.

Sometimes it can feel that there is no let up from work and the pressure can make you feel at tipping point.

It's very important to try and regain control and reset the balance, but is it always achievable?

We have just spent a couple of days away at Dartmoor, away from WiFi and internet connections (yes we just about coped) and it was invaluable, a chance to re-centre, revitalise and focus.

Whilst it can feel that there isn't time for time-out, it's actually essential to look after ourselves and comeback refreshed and renewed.

As important as it is to get money coming in to not just survive, but to have the lifestyle that we want - this can be as simple as just managing to pay your bills, looking after your children yourselves or driving a new car, to each person this will be very different, it's always important to have the energy to do this and not just to burn out.

Time away can let us really think about what is important, what we want to focus on and where we want to go.

If you feel that it is impossible to get time out, that the business will collapse without you, why not do a few small things that may make a difference. Walk to the office, take a lunch break (yes we've all been there working through to get as much done as possible) but these little breaks give us time to breath and refresh and as a result, we will often be more proactive.

If you genuinely feel that there isn't time for this why not consider outsourcing some of your work and gain back your time. We offer a great bookkeeping and virtual PA service where we can take care of your paperwork and in lots of cases give you back that valuable lunch break or evening time with your family. If you would like to discuss our services and how we can help put the balance back in your life please get in touch here.


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