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Virtual PA Cornwall

Since setting up Girl Friday Cornwall it has been interesting to see what virtual PA work we get asked to do. A high percentage has come from outside Cornwall which shows how flexible virtual PA's can be.

We can work from anywhere and still provide a comprehensive business service.

From research, transcribing, SEO, maintaining websites through to answering emails and booking appointments the traditional office no longer needs to be based in one place. You no longer have to employ someone to come into the office, this is great if you don't actually have an office and don't want someone in your home or in fact work from a van such as the electrical or plumbing trade.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you and your business please get in touch, we are flexible, thorough and provide a quick turnaround. We also only bill for the work that we have carried out and this is charged at 15 minute intervals. For some of our clients as little as an hour a month is enough to take the pressure away or do the jobs that they simply don't have time for others a more regular service is needed.

We like variety and are happy to combine any of our services to provide a comprehensive service for your business needs.

If you are swamped with work or simply don't have time to work on your website, Girl Friday Cornwall can help.

Interested in finding out more? Please click here to send a message.

Girl Friday Cornwall offers virtual PA services to businesses all over Cornwall and further.
Virtual PA Cornwall


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