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The rules about marketing and GDPR

If it wasn't tough enough already GDPR has made it extra tough for small businesses to reach out and get in touch with potential new clients.

In the old days we were able to send out emails to businesses whether they were sole traders or limited companies and didn't face any penalisation.

It has changed - "what" I hear you say, "isn't it OK to do this anymore?". Unfortunately not - even if you think your idea/business will benefit them. Sole traders have to be treated as individuals, that means unless they specifically opt in you can't approach them. Not great if they haven't heard of your business as yet as they won't have opted in. This doesn't just apply to emails but to texts too.

Limited companies still seem to be a free for all but it is advisable to create a list of the companies that ask you not contact them again.

For more info check out: ICO, they have a very informative website and it looks like they will be revisiting this area again.

How GDPR rules affect us all
Marketing and the rules we have to follow


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