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Latest round of support from HMRC

The government has released it's latest measures to help businesses through Covid-19. There is a new employment support scheme that replaces the current furlough scheme, though at this moment in time it doesn't look as good as the furlough support as the scheme will only provide 22% of workers wages.

There are bonuses available and these are:

£1000 for every furloughed employee kept on until at least the end of January.

£1500 for every 16-24 year old given a proper 6 month work placement.

£2000 for every under 25 apprentice taken on or £1500 for those who are older.

Whilst this looks great on paper, it is worrying that at the end of these measures employers could terminate employees, though it does give an incentive to save jobs in the short term.

More time for business owners to pay back loans. This does help to ease the burden on businesses, though it is a shame that more grants can't be given.

There will be another self employed support scheme but unfortunately it looks like the self employed who fell through the gaps last time will still not be helped.

New help just launched from HMRC


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