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How to have a eco office

The same week that a big supermarket announced they were trialing re-fill stations (great idea but is it the end of the little shops that are doing this?), I found myself thinking about little ways we can all be greener.

Sustainability and the environment are very important here at Tidal Bookkeeping Cornwall and we make changes where we can to be as eco as possible. It isn't always easy to achieve and sometimes we don't even see the plastic that we use, it has become so ingrained in our society. So what can you do?

Our top tips are:

- Perhaps the most obvious, try to be as paperless as possible. Do you really need to print an invoice or can you save it direct in the software? Do you need to print important information or can you store it securely on your PC?

-Does the room that rarely gets used really need a light on? It can be a surprising easy habit to fall in. Part of this is also removing sockets from plugs if they aren't in use - I think most of us are all guilty of this.

-Recycled paper - it may cost more but is definitely better for the environment.

-Energy; can you change supplier and go for a company with a greener ethos?

-Recycle what you can

-Do workers bring in plastic one use drinks bottles? Try to encourage them to ditch the single use.

-Travel, could workers cycle or lift share? One of the great things about working from a home office is that immediately your travel carbon footprint is cut - no travelling in a car to get to an office.

-Linked hand in hand with the above, can clients/customers use electronic means t get information to you?

-Get a plant! Plants can offset the chemicals released int the air by new furniture, you may also find it a nicer place to work.

-Buy local where you can. Not only will you support local businesses but you will also reduce your carbon footprint.

-Don't go for single use in the kitchen or water dispenser. Make it a policy to get reusable items.

-Get a green culture, if everyone is on board it will make it a lot easier, maybe set fun challenges to get everyone involved.

-Reduce plastic - can you buy a cardboard box of pens instead of ones wrapped in plastic?

Once you start making small changes, it is surprising how easy it is too implement the bigger ones and if we all make little changes they really will make a difference.

Top tips to a greener work place


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