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Get the balance back in your life

Life is busy, the days race by and the weekend is here again, another month zooms past and people start to mention Christmas (weren't we just in the Summer hols?). If you're anything like myself, life is super busy and there doesn't seem to be enough time. The jobs keep piling up and there is no respite.

When people say 'you must look after yourself too.' You inwardly laugh - where's the time? Does this sound familiar? I think the pressure that modern life brings is immense, we're all non-stop trying to achieve.

So what can we do to regain a bit of sanity and claw back a little time?

I think the most important part of this is to get enough sleep. Sometimes when we wake in the night, our head fills and it's impossible to drift off. I find writing it down or even emailing myself in the middle of the night helps. It sounds a bit crazy but it can empty your head and allow you to switch off and go back to sleep.

Secondly lists are great, they can help prioritise and work out what is really important. A few minutes putting all your jobs down in the order they need to be done can stop us doing a million things at once.

Are you actually spending too long checking out Facebook or other social media just to give yourself some switch off time? It's more productive to put down the phone and do what needs to be done - then give yourself a well deserved break. You may relish switching off for a few minutes here and there but it can be counter-productive.

Schedule in some 'you time', a bath, a book, a bar of chocolate - little treats go a long way. Don't think there's any time? Force some space into the schedule, you'll notice how recharged you feel after and this in turn can be great for productivity.

it's not always as easy as that, but small changes can go a long way. Take all the help offered and if you still find yourself with too much to do, outsource! Business like mine take the pressure off and help give you back your time. Whether it's bookkeeping, maintaining your website or sorting your emails - we have a comprehensive list of tasks that we can do for you. Interested? Please get in touch to find out more.

Outsourced bookkeeping, virtual PA and website maintenance in Cornwall
Outsourced bookkeeping, virtual PA and website maintenance in Cornwall


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