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Bookkeeping help in Cornwall

Bookkeeping can be one of the last jobs a business owner may want to concentrate on, this is even truer for smaller businesses where one person does everything. The books can sometimes go untouched for months and then there's a last minute panic when the VAT is due to be submitted or a realisation that customers haven't been invoiced, or it may simply be another pressure that you don't really have time to deal with. You may feel that you don't have enough hours to warrant another person on the payroll.

If this sounds familiar and you're reading this, you are looking around to find a solution. A remote/outsourced bookkeeper works with you whilst not being a employee. There's no need to worry about NI and PAYE, no need to worry about where to put someone if you don't have an office space.

An outsourced bookkeeper can actually keep costs down as you only get charged for the work that we do. You can drop off invoices/receipts etc to us or we can come to you and collect. We can bypass this by using document sharing software and apps like receipt bank which means we can work with you remotely.

Cloud based accounts software means that I can work on your books and you can access them at any time - great if you want to check where you are. I can even chase your customers for payments and keep an eye on who has paid.

If you would like to discuss your bookkeeping needs please call: 07928 676307 or email:

We offer our outsourced bookkeeping service in the Redruth, Camborne, Pool, Hayle, Penzance, Truro, Falmouths area as well other locations across Cornwall, basically if you need help please get in touch and let us work together to give you peace of mind

Bookkeeper Cornwall
Bookkeeper Cornwall


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