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Bad reviews - how to deal with them

It's a sign of the times that we live in, more people are likely to leave a bad review then a good one.

Frustratingly for business owners it's far harder to get a good review on google/social media then it is to get a bad one.

You could have provided the most amazing customer service and a fantastic product and you hear nothing. You may even get an email saying how happy your client/customer was, but even on asking for them to leave a review, they don't.

For the customer the relationship is over, even if they are 100% happy they may not realise how much a good review can help a small businesses.

Unfortunately, one wrong move, a delayed delivery, that is out of our control (the courier loses it or delays delivery), a damaged or faulty items or even the customers email somehow ends up in spam, all of these can cause someone to write a really bad review, no matter how we have dealt with them.

I've been made aware of situations where due to miscommunication a bad review was written, the client was happy with the end result, but refused to remove the review unless something was done at a much reduced price, the company was literally held to ransom.

So what can you do if a customer has left a bad review?

-Whatever you do try not to take it personally, you need to remove your emotions and remain professional.

-Don't get into a very public slating match.

-Not responding looks awful, the public will be looking at your responses, you can even turn the situation around.

-Try to resolve the matter.

-If you have tried everything and the customer keeps coming back with more and more agitated and unreasonable responses, end the 'conversation'. By ending don't just stop responding, you will need to end positively. For example: 'Please email customer services, who will be more then happy to look into this for you.'

People reading the conversation, will see the customer is actually unreasonable.

If you struggle to respond to reviews and can't detach yourself emotionally or just don't know how to respond, consider using our Girl Friday Cornwall service to manage your reviews for you.

Interested in finding out more about our virtual office assistant / virtual PA service in Cornwall, where we can help deal with all aspects of your website/social media including reviews please get in touch by emailing: or by calling:07928 676307

Virtual assistant Cornwall
Virtual assistant Cornwall


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